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Join Paul Casey and over 2000 investors who invested in the next big thing in golf. Cadi has developed technology that will power the digital retail transformation. 2022 is shaping up to Cadi’s most significant year, with an anticipated launch in Q3. For those who could not invest, sign up to receive updates on how to get your ownership in Cadi.

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The Big Day is Coming.

Cadi’s Marketplace launches in…


Try Before You Buy with Cadi’s First Cashback Marketplace

A social golf marketplace personalized to every golfer. Get more connected to the game with Cadi’s try before you buy on all products. Unlock Cadi Play to earn massive cashback on purchases and connect with your golf buddies.

Golf Course Disruption

Cadi is combining autonomous technology with ecommerce to deliver the ultimate omnichannel shopping experience.

Cadi’s technology leverages a golfer’s most desired location, golf courses, to create a network of kiosks. Our platform gives golfers the freedom to demo, compare, and purchase products at their convenience. Cadi uses Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to curate product selection and create a personalized experience for each customer.

Cadi Experience

Cadi’s technology is game-changing. It allows for a one-of-a-kind experience only made possible with Cadi’s patent-pending technology.

Personalized commerce with Big Data Fittings

Marketplace focused on the golfer. Cadi uses data to fit golfers to the perfect products based on similar golfers’ attributes.

Play First

Try Before you buy on all products. Play first is convenient for the user and powered by Cadi’s logistical technology.

On-Course Demo-day, Every day

Full mobile connectivity allows you to order online and pick up in-store. Cadi is open 24/7 using your computer or mobile phone.

Latest and greatest products

Get a product personalized for you in less than 30 seconds and still make it on time to your tee time.

Golf’s First Retail Membership

Cadi is Social Commerce. Cadi’s member unlocks community that more deeply connects users to the game of golf and golf equipment.

Cashback Rewards

Cadi is a reward system that delivers massive cashback on all purchases. Receive up to 30% back in Cadi Cash.

Member-only experiences

Community building functions where users can spend Cadi Cash to unique golf experiences and products.

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How It Works


SHOP 24/7 using your mobile
phone or computer


PICK-UP from your local
Cadi kiosk


PLAY on any course or range


BUY the perfect clubs

The Opportunity

Cadi will capture a portion of the $126bn sporting goods retail market.

There is a massive opportunity in the sporting goods industry. In the golf industry, golf courses have exited the equipment segment, and golf superstores are closing at a rapid pace. Cadi’s innovative platform will leverage the golf course to maximize its retail space and engage its existing customer base.

Golf is

13.1 Bn

Total Market Size

8.7 Bn

in Golf Equipment

Growing E-commerce

66% 10%
Golf Superstore
Green grass
Speciality Store


Only 6 Major
Retail Players

Dicks Sporting Goods
Global Golf
Club Champions
Demo Days

Ripe for Disruption

Replicable to
other Industries

Cadi's Featured Locations

"Demoing golf clubs should be about you—on your time, at your location, and with your friends. Cadi gives you the freedom to try before you buy and the confidence to know your game just improved."

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Management Team

Experienced Leaders in Automation & the Golf Industry

Matt Ahrens

Founder & COO

 Director for $200M+ Oil distributor. Former VP of Sales national food retailer M.Ed., University of Washington.

Tyler Gottstein

Founder & CEO

Autonomous retail and golf Industry innovator. Tyler is a 4x serial founder with a MBA and M.Ed from the University of Washington.

Advisors and Partners

David Felker

David Felker
Engineering Advisor

Founding VP of R&D for
Callaway Golf Ball Company

Carole McClusky

Carole McCluskey
CTO Advisor

Former CTO, Outerwall
(Coinstar, Redbox, EcoATM)

Franz Keuhnrich

Franz Keuhnrich

Owner, Instant Systems, Former VP of Engineering at Redbox

John Brown

John Brown

CEO, Brown Golf
Owns 28 Courses


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