Building valuable technology requires patience as difficult as it might be. One of the most interesting things we have experienced with stage of development is the dev and project team’s journey. Everyone comes into the project with their own experiences and a new, fresh perspective but must evolve into a knowledge expert on the current project. This creates a challenge where you are scoping work and making decisions before having all the information or understanding. You then go through the discovery process and the discovery is often why projects get delayed. With that said, I believe this is also how great products get made. The process of constantly learning and evolving is imperative. Through this project the Cadi team has become more knowledgeable, and the vision has become more evident as time has passed.

Cadi’s eCommerce experience will be completely different from the current offering in golf. As a result, it will push the limits of golf retail. As we begin the second half of the development build, the walking and learning phase is transforming into the running and focused development phase. As a result, the progress will begin advancing at a much faster rate.

The main feature of our site is the ease and convenience of the Try Before You Buy. Users will have the ability to try multiple products in minutes. A simple TBYB toggle will define the experience. Use personalized data to choose two products and check out. It is just that simple.

Cadi’s community is the most crucial measure of our success. To cultivate community, Cadi is introducing a subscription option. Cadi’s subscription unlocks massive cashback, up to 30% back, and a social experience unique to Cadi. Cadi’s cashback, called CadiCash, can be spent throughout the site and on unique Cadi experiences.

Finally, Cadi uses personalized data to help you find the perfect club. Product statistics from golfers just like you and help fit you to the right products. It is simple and delivers on Big Data. 

Cadi is on track for a Q3 beta release. We cannot wait to launch and will leverage our community as our beta testers. Every investor that qualifies will be getting an update email. Please be on the lookout for the Cadi tester’s email. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to ask. 

Go Cadi, 

Tyler Gottstein

CEO @ Co-Founder

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