As you have seen, Cadi announced our first brand ambassador, Paul Casey. But, that is only the beginning. Over the next six weeks, Cadi will give a series of announcements, milestones, and product updates. We believe we are on the back nine of our MVP product build. Our technology can potentially change the way sporting goods products are sold.  

As of March 14th, Cadi introduces two new investment perks for investors. The perk I am discussing today is familiar. It was the most popular perk from our first campaign, and we are bringing it. It is simple, invest $6,000 and receive a 2022 Driver from one of the top brands. The difference this year, the driver will be delivered through our new marketplace launch this summer. This was extremely popular in our first campaign. We gave out over 100 drivers to investors in 2021.

This perk is for new investors after February 15th who did not attend the Waste Management Perk. Additionally, If you make multiple investments, we will count your total investment in the current round, and you will be entitled to that perk. But do not worry, we want to reward our investors and champion customers.  

If you recently invested in Cadi. Please remember to join our investment Facebook group. Located here

Go Cadi, 

Tyler Gottstein

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