Cadi’s warehouse installation projects are now in the final stages. We’ve been delayed at different times going back to Q4 2021 due to events outside our control (ie. a global pandemic and supply chain nightmares!). Our team has continued pressing on and we’re closing in. Final hardware components are still on backorder but expected to arrive in the next few weeks. This means our upgraded systems will be in place and running through many tests before our marketplace goes live. I’m being a little vague here to protect the IP that goes into this. We’ll continue sharing updates on these projects.

What will truly separate Cadi from other golf retailers is our logistics and distribution model. We’ve been working hard to complete these warehouse projects and it’s approaching the final testing stage. When I say hardware I mean the physical requirements that enable full item tracking on an individual sku level. This is a challenge given the uniqueness and complexities of golf clubs. Why is this important? When you think about a typical retailer, a high cost or opportunity cost (aside from overhead and labor, which Cadi is also minimizing) is product loss. Not knowing where product is within the supply chain. When the average retailer sees inventory accuracy in the 60-70% range as normal, Cadi is setting a new standard to 98-100%. Low accuracy is accepted because traditional legacy systems make this extremely difficult and expensive to overhaul their logistics infrastructure. Cadi is starting at the foundational level. Our warehouses will be built with advanced systems that enable 100% product visibility and item tracking. A better experience for customers where Cadi reduces stockouts, back orders, missing items, etc. A benefit to Cadi because this limits lost sales due to any of these reasons while creating a highly efficient supply chain. 

Equally if not more important, this level of tracking delivers an efficient return process and a TBYB experience. Cadi can quickly move products in and out of our supply chain and be connected to each product on the backend. Cadi customers will benefit from our backend systems as we scale up to Amazon-like distribution and micro fulfillment.

This is a game-changing position we’re in as other retailers figure out how to adapt to the digital retail transformation.

More updates here in the coming weeks. Stay tuned. 

For anyone that has not invested, invest and join us! Golf continues to show growth and there is momentum throughout the industry and at Cadi. In a short time, Cadi will accomplish multiple goals that paves the way to future growth. 

Go Cadi!

Matt Ahrens


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