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Cadi is forging our own path.  The famous VC investor, Peter Thiel, has a well-known quote that reads, “Competition is for losers.” He is looking to invest in companies striving for unique business models that do not have many competitors. At Cadi, our technology stack is unique and only faces competition from traditional retail channels. Cadi will have a large competitive advantage with our retail marketplace and distribution model if the digital transformation trends continue. 

Golf and Retail Domain Experts. 

Cadi has a management team that understands the industry, unlike anyone else. In addition, Cadi has deep relationships with all constituents in the golf industry, such as the Golf Courses, Golf Manufacturers, and Golfers. As a result, we know what the golf industry needs and how to implement the right technology to disrupt the current status quo. 


Cadi has an investor community of 1400 people. We have raised over 1.2 million dollars. We have done over $1 million in sales. Cadi has a plan in place to quickly grow our market valuation by 5x in the next 12 months. Now is the perfect time to invest in Cadi. If you consider investing in a golf company, we would love to share our journey as we make waves in the retail world. 

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Tyler Gottstein

CEO and Co-founder 

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