One of Cadi’s most frequently asked questions is: Why would golf courses want Cadi?

The answer is simple. We bring value to the golf course and the customer base. Cadi targets high-traffic public golf courses, driving ranges, and entertainment golf venues. Most of these facilities do not sell golf equipment or are highly underperforming retail businesses. Golf course managers are often asked to perform management tasks over revenue-producing tasks. The pro shop was left behind.

Cadi technology will rejuvenate the golf course retail for these FIVE reasons.

  1. Cadi handles all aspects of the kiosk from inventory, maintenance, service, and marketing. Cadi’s purpose and mission are to CREATE A GAME-CHANGING EXPERIENCE FOR THE GOLFERS at their facility. There is no distraction or alternative goal. It cannot be overlooked.  
  2. The kiosk will support the entire golf community surrounding the facility. Cadi kiosk transforms the golf course into a distribution center for golf equipment. As the user shops on Cadi’s online marketplace, a user located within 20 miles of the kiosk can choose to have their product delivered or picked up at the local kiosk. This experience removes long shipping wait times.
  3. Digital retail is the future, and Cadi kiosk bridges that gap from Digital to real life. Cadi kiosk is exponentially more than a vending machine. Cadi Kiosk is intelligent, hosted in the cloud, built to collect data and optimize the user experience.
  4. Cadi produces Golf Course revenue. Revenue is shared with the golf course in return for the placement of the Cadi kiosk in their facility. Just that simple, no additional work required. The golf course shares in profits from pushing usage.  
  5. If Cadi chooses your golf course, you will be the most high-tech golf in town. Golf is changing, and Cadi is leading the transformation.

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If you are considering an investment in Cadi, now is a great time. We would love to have you a part of the team. We send updates weekly and have over 2000 happy investors. Big have exciting announcements coming soon!

Go Cadi,

Tyler Gottstein

CEO & Co-Founder

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