Any success Cadi has accomplished over the last 4+ years has not stopped us from putting in hard work. Our drive and fire to be successful have not changed. I feel more responsible for proving myself every day for all our investors and people who believe in Cadi. I love this quote from Joe Burrow.

“Focus on getting better. Don’t have a workout and post about it…… Work in silence. Don’t show anyone what you’re doing. Let your performance show all the hard work you put in.” – Joe Burrow.

This quote represents the mantra of Cadi. We are driven, work hard every day, and love it. Upcoming this week, we have an exciting milestone project scheduled. It required us to transport our kiosk from San Diego, CA, to Scottsdale, AZ. To fit into our busy schedule, we had to drive throughout the night to make it for our scheduled event. Today is my birthday, but there is nothing else I would rather be doing. These are the experiences that make all the hard work worth it. It is not the destination; it is the journey.

The reason to invest in Cadi is the executive team. We are skilled, knowledgeable, and driven to succeed in this space. If you haven’t invested, now is a great time to join the community.

We will share what we are working on shortly. Have a great week.

Go Cadi,

Tyler Gottstein

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