As Tyler said in our last update, Cadi Week and the WMPO tournament was a great experience and overall we’re happy with the results. Of course, we have lots of thoughts on how to do it better. This was a good experience for me and Tyler to learn what it takes to host an event of this scale. I’m sharing some specific takeaways and ROI results here. 

Our investor turnout for the WMPO was great. We got to spend time with some really good people and supporters of Cadi. Knowing groups of Cadi investors were out on the course was a cool feeling, and we enjoyed hanging out with those that were at the Cove suite. This was one highlight from the week. The Cove has rows of suites with other companies there, so we get to comingle and network with executives and professionals in other fields. It was valuable time spent making new connections and having meaningful conversations on business and life.

The Founders Club party and golf outing had a lower turnout than anticipated because of a few challenges, some we knew ahead of time and some we did not. One big thing was Superbowl weekend. Many investors told us how interested they were to come, but they had other commitments already with either family, friends, work, other travel, emergencies, or just came back from recent golf trips (wifey no likey). This we knew and know we can better communicate the schedule and get firm commitments ahead of time. We can time Cadi events that do not overlap with other events going on, or at least fit when we expect most people to be available. Back-to-back events Friday night and Saturday morning are difficult for anyone going out on Friday, having some drinks, or just enjoying their vacation in Scottsdale. There’s improvements here for the next time. The venue location turned out to be further from central areas and the tournament than we thought. It made it hard to get to when Ubers were booked for people leaving the WMPO or just too expensive. We can better help people plan their trip and the logistics, plus help Cadi be more effective.

A risk we took was offering this campaign perk in the first place. “Invest and come to Cadi Week”. There was some uncertainty if people would invest to attend. It was an important test for our community building so we went for it and overall it paid off. The ROI here was better than expected. We saw a 4x return on our all-in cost for Cadi Week. It showed us that people want to have these experiences, and the people that could not attend shared how badly they wanted to. This is a good sign for us, but we can always be better. With some improvements to the event activation and planning, we’re confident the ROI and turnout will grow. Note this does not include future investments from attendees, investor guests, or friends/connections we made while at the WMPO.

Above all, this was a good test for Cadi’s team and for me and Tyler. This type of experience is important for our vision. As Cadi events grow so will the experiences like this. Tyler and I always believe we can improve, so we’ll focus on where to get better for the next events!

Stay tuned for more updates from us.

Matt Ahrens, Co-founder

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