We are back to work after a great week in Scottsdale at the WM Phoenix Open.  It was a great experience and filled with fun. Cadi had three goals; Spend time with Cadi investors, create a memorable experience for the Cadi’s community, and learn the ins and outs of hosting events at the WM Phoenix Open.  

Like most things, when you take chances, the learnings are often unexpected. We quickly realized how epic our suite was. It was at the Cove on the 17th, the premier business area. Every company there is successful and leveraging the event for business progress. We were able to network and meet several other executives leading to deep conversations. Listening to other executives articulate their business as well as challenge Cadi’s vision is always valuable. We enjoy these conversations daily and provoke thought among Matt and me.

The WM Phoenix open represents where golf is going. It is pure excitement and happiness. Of course, it helps to have an open bar and unlimited food offered on the 17th hole. We sat in our suite and watched the pros attempt to drive the 17th green. There may or may not have been gambling on which player would score lower. We saw great shots like Rickie Fowler chip in eagle and Scottie Scheffler’s birdie that propelled him to the title.  It is a great golf viewing experience. 

The golf experience and the Cadi party led to an excellent time for everyone that attended. It was a pleasure to meet everyone in person. We were blown away by the Cadi community’s level of understanding and intelligence. Interestingly enough, people were talking about Cadi around the course. Several people reached out said they heard about Cadi from someone at the event and wanted to discuss an investment. That was unexpected.

Overall, all the goals were accomplished, and we are happy with the results. We reconnected with all attendees, and they had a great time. If you did not attend, you missed out, but we would love to host you at our next event. We have committed to the WM Phoenix Open next year and have a deeper understanding of how we can do it even bigger and better. 

To non-investors, events like this demonstrate why you should be investing in Cadi. If you have any questions, we would love to connect with you. Now is the time; this is only the beginning. 

We will have some big announcements coming over the next couple of weeks. 

Go Cadi, 

Tyler Gottstein

CEO & Co-Founder

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