At Cadi, we are excited about the community features of our website. One of the exciting possibilities is a partnership with the PGA tour, providing access to PGA events throughout the country.

Last week, I spent a day at the Farmer’s Open at Torrey Pines in San Diego, CA. It was my first day at a PGA Tour event. Everyone should attend a PGA tour event. It is entertaining. I would describe attending a PGA event as going on a safari. You have the freedom to roam the property with full access to every player. You walk up to every hole with excitement to see what group is on that hole. You quickly notice that most players in the field are lesser-known players, and the most prominent names are grouped together. Most players never get a single shot shown on TV. To find the most recognized names look for all the people. All the people crowd around the big names like the lions on the safari. You have incredible access to the players. You are just feet away from the players. Every golfer is smaller and more normal in appearance than they look on TV. They appear to be so relatable. Something about the experience makes you feel like a better golfer. I just felt like I could execute the shots just like them. (I cannot! Not even close)

One of my big takeaways is that the players’ brands are built 100% digitally. The aura around Bryson, Rickie, Spieth, and Brooks is contributed to the media and the commercialization of the sport. These guys’ brands are huge enterprises, but you would never know in person if you were disconnected from technology. This is the power of technology, especially in TV and media.

Cadi has the vision to bring the enjoyable parts of golfers closer to our community. Cadi members will have access to exclusive events such as PGA events. Cadi is testing this theory next week at the Waste Management Open. Cadi’s business model is going to redefine the limits of eCommerce.

If you recently invested and are interested in attending the Waste Management Open in Scottsdale next week, please reach out to We would love to see you there. Thanks.

Go Cadi,

Tyler Gottstein

CEO & Co-Founder

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