The golf retail industry has big logistical challenges that Cadi is committed to solving. We know a clear differentiator for Cadi is our warehousing and logistics. Yes it helps deliver a Try Before You Buy experience for users, but equally important is operationally Cadi’s creating an efficiency powerhouse. This means dramatically cutting product loss, reducing overhead and labor costs, and having full stock visibility with granular SKU tracking (ie. No stockouts).

Cadi’s logistics, like Amazon, is a big part of how we’ll deliver a 100x better experience for customers. Our smart warehouses utilize emerging technology that’s lacking in retail. This enables Cadi to track all products in our system with a microscope. TBYB products are quickly inspected, reprocessed, and redistributed to Cadi’s sales channels. New and used inventory is efficiently passed through Cadi’s system and to the customer with ease, all while being tracked end to end.

Legacy systems make it difficult and very expensive for retailers to implement this technology on a large scale. Cadi is committed to leading smart applications in golf retail and warehousing. This presents future opportunities for Cadi’s logistics and warehousing to help power other third-party sellers in a similar way to what Amazon FBA offers. Imagine the possibilities for golf and sporting goods.

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