I love being an entrepreneur and solving complex problems. The challenges in entrepreneurship that make ordinary people quit make me feel fulfilled. I demonstrated at a young age several attributes that have served me well in my life. The most relevant positive qualities are my fearless rebel approach to business and my relentless desire to question and understand everything in life. I genuinely care less about materialistic possessions and what people say about me. I am motivated by competition and a desire to learn every day. Combining these attributes has made me a first principle thinker.  

With Cadi, I recognized the digital transformation that was coming, and there was going to be the opportunity. At the time, I believed that modern-day e-commerce would overtake traditional retail channels with all my heart. Fast forward, we are currently witnessing many technologies invade retail and have been accepted by the masses. My curious mind has led me to be early in several technologies such as crypto, computing, autonomous Retail, and social commerce. Since 2016, we have been riding the wave of retail innovation. We could have never imagined how the pandemic has changed the landscape in Retail. With that said, we are still very early in this digital transformation.

When we started Cadi, we took the first principles approach. We analyzed the retail market, dove into current innovations, and broke down many contemporary challenges. We learned that there are lasting problems in logistics, payments, product curation, and overall purchase experiences. As technology development never stops, The future of Retail will be technologies present in CADI.

  1. We doubled down on payment innovation in the form of Try Before You Buy.
  2. We invested in autonomous Retail with Cadi Kiosk as the connection between real-world and mobile commerce.
  3. We leverage Big Data and Intelligence to give users a unique curated experience.
  4. We are developing cashback incentives to push Cadi members and social influencers to drive value to our platform.   

 Breaking down the current technology and understanding likely outcomes is where innovation happens. For example, Cadi can provide a more efficient, 10x better shopping experience for the consumer.

We have a deep vision of innovating; now, we focus on execution. And execution is the daily challenge we are facing in 2022. So invest with Cadi today and come along for the ride.

Go Cadi!

Tyler Gottstein

CEO & Co-Founder

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