Every day at Cadi we are solving challenging problems on our path to building the greatest community and golf retailer. We believe Cadi is positioned to build an extremely valuable and connected community. There are many examples of how community is a great force behind powerful brands, groups, and industries.

Community is how we connect with each other, how we build relationships, and how we create amazing experiences. Community powers change, creates overnight virality, and creates massive companies. Reddit and Yelp were some early companies that proved community-driven values can innovate industries. Twitter, Starbucks, Lululemon, Apple to name a few more. We now see this happening on a massive scale in the Web 3.0 world. The ConstitutionDAO and the Bored Ape Yacht Club are a couple examples in the crypto and NFT space.

Cadi’s belief in community has led us to offer bigger and better perks in this campaign. We want investors to know how important our investor community is to Cadi. Community is an important reason why we chose crowdfunding because we want everyone to have the chance to invest in Cadi. 

We are creating game-changing technology together. We are empowering our community to be a voice behind product features and crowdsourced decision-making. We are very focused on giving back to our community with unmatched services and amazing experiences. Join us on this journey because it’s going to be an amazing experience.

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