The most valuable company in the world is a retailer. Amazon turned heads when they started investing in logistics. Their vision to own their warehousing and delivery systems have given them an unbeatable advantage over competitors. They have a propensity to turn challenging parts of their business into strengths. At the same time, Amazon had critics who could not see their logistic strategy’s value—challenging their decision to invest in logistics. Today, they are unstoppable with 1-day delivery and game-changing autonomous retail.

Why are more companies not trying to create the next Amazon model? 

We believe there are two reasons—#1. The growth of Shopify has made it easy to plug in and begin making revenues. While there are positives to ease of development, the growth of Shopify has also diluted eCommerce and weakened retail technology development. #2 Developing retail technology is difficult and often goes against the grain. It takes real innovation to differentiate yourself. The examples that inspired Cadi are Stock X, Carvana, and Phillip’s watches which all solve real challenges in retail. They are just not retailers. StockX and Phillips are authentication innovators, and Carvana is car logistic geniuses. It took multiple angles of attacks to differentiate themselves and build huge businesses.  

When we think about transforming the retail experience in golf, logistics and warehousing are one of the biggest challenges. A retailer must have the backend logistics capabilities to offer the necessary experiences such as Try Before you Buy. Cadi has built smart warehouses based on the same technology as Cadi kiosk that will track single SKUs across multiple warehouses and kiosks. Offering TBYB products means a lot of lightly used products. With Cadi’s system, products can be tracked on an individual SKU level. Then, the products can be pushed to any kiosk, warehouse, or website. In addition, Cadi can open its warehousing process to third-party sellers similar to what you see at Amazon.

We will share more content revolving around Cadi’s innovation as we get closer to our marketplace launch. As a reminder, you have until 1/2/21 to invest and receive 25% bonus shares. Thank you for the support. 

Go Cadi! 

Tyler Gottstein

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