The proceeds of Cadi’s first round were dedicated to getting the technology stack developed and building the Cadi team. The deployment has been successful, and Cadi will get a product to market. With this new round, where will the first $250,000 be deployed?

The first $250,000 in this round will be extremely important to the success of Cadi. This capital is dedicated to releasing the Cadi marketplace and developing bigger and bolder content to tell the Cadi story. In addition, Cadi needs to hire in-house talent to build new marketing, warehousing, and community engagement teams.

The first money will go to brand building. Cadi will consider introducing a validating influencer for the campaign and the marketplace launch. We have deals on the table with PGA pros and social influencers. In addition, we will be producing short-form video content for social media, TV commercial, and digital advertisements. The goal is to tell the Cadi story clear, build hype, and create additional excitement for the launch. This is exciting and a key component to building our community. 

At the same time, Cadi will be preparing for the release of the Cadi marketplace. We will need to add experienced key players to the team. This can free Cadi’s leadership to make deals and drive the business forward. In 2021, Hiring was difficult. It was more challenging because we had uncertainty about what full-time roles would be needed in six months. With additional capital, we will confidently add talented pieces to the team. The marketplace release provides clarity on needed roles and required expertise.

Finally, The capital will help extend Cadi’s runway if anything out of our control happens. For example, it is common for projects to require additional money and time.

This round is essential. The first $250,000 will be deployed right away and will begin returning on our investment quickly.  

Invest today!

Tyler Gottstein

CEO & Founder 

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