Cadi Update September 28th, 2021

Good morning. We wanted to take a moment to update and give an inside look into one of Cadi’s most important projects, the web application. Over the last two months, we have focused on application design, leading to a quicker, more effective development build.

Cadi continues to hold customer experience as the most critical part of the web application. Focusing on the details forced us to prioritize and narrow the scope to the essential features of the platform. Cadi’s centralized database will be cloud-based and API first. It includes inventory systems, databases, warehouse management systems, and a customer-facing digital marketplace.
Cadi’s mission is to connect golfers with products and services they love and the fast, custom experience they deserve.

Cadi’s marketplace will be unique to anything else on the internet. We are excited about the features, although they may change as we advance in this process. Every product will be available for try before you buy. The user experience is highly interactive, with cashback on all transactions and significant actions throughout the marketplace to promote usage. We are leveraging data and product attributes to help curate products for each user while incentivizing all users to share their feedback in exchange for Cashback. We are enabling filtering by customer attributes compared to just product attributes. We are pushing the limits on customer purchasing confidence. The entire marketplace is data-focused, and will incentive users to volunteer data creating a custom experience.

We are also creating an “One of a kind” distribution system using our autonomous kiosk and an inventory tracking warehousing solution on the backend. To simplified, all products will be tracked from sourcing to sale. Products are tracked to the individual product level. We had to do extensive testing to develop a custom racking system that holds golf products in the most effective possible. We genuinely believe it is game-changing. It is a powerful piece of technology. I will expand on this project next.

I will continue to share more on in-progress projects over the next several weeks.
Thank you and Go Cadi,

Tyler Gottstein
CEO, Cadi

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