The Pandemic is leading to a renewed interest and some creative strategic ideas in golf.


Golf has exploded during the pandemic; it’s played outdoors, conducive to social distancing, played by young and older generations alike and its vast, open greens are perfect for a mental and physical escape.

It’s no surprise then that last year, there were more golf players than any year before. The National Golf Foundation (NGF) noted that the number of beginners who started golf and experienced golfers who returned to the course after more than a year away is about 6 million Americans. 

Notably, a significant number were women, and children too. The NGF research shows the number of golfers ages 6 to 17 could rise by as much as 20 percent in 2021, with the increase occurring since pandemic lockdowns began. Approximately 2.5 million kids teed it up in 2019, so 2020’s increases could mean half a million more juniors giving the sport a try.

The trends of golfers practicing more while quarantining at home were also evident in PGA Tour Superstore’s year-end accounting, with sales increases of 55% in stand bags, 100% in practice gear, and 200% in pull or pushcarts.  

“Golf has become the escape for people who have been quarantined,” says Tyler Gottstein, CEO & Co-Founder of Cadi.  “Ultimately that means they need equipment, apparel, footwear. So, they use Cadi and Cadi kiosks. That didn’t happen last year.”

As we reflect on our business and industry, we find that we are in a great position. Our kiosks and our technology platforms work seamlessly together to deliver an industry-leading omnichannel experience. 

We have world-class advisors (Cue former executives from RedBox, Coinstar, and Callaway), and our vendor relationships with key partners have never been stronger. We’ve become more athlete-centric, focusing on personalized, knowledgeable, and available service. Most importantly, we have aligned behind our common purpose to support the golf course and the pro shop

Cadi’s combination of autonomous technology and eCommerce is delivering that omnichannel shopping experience everyone is talking about. Our technology supports and enhances a golfer’s love and passion for the golf course, and creates a network of kiosks. The Cadi platform offers players the freedom to demo, compare and purchase products when they want. 

This is really comparable to how new golfers are bringing a new thinking process to golf. They’re younger and are more tech-savvy and more open to innovation. The eternal question, ‘where and how to buy what I want when I want” has been magnified with COVID-19 and we have witnessed a tremendous amount of retail innovation since 2020. Though experiences are not perfect, revolutionary technology like blockchain and even NFTs are now going mainstream. We have come a long way – very quickly in 14 months. 

Stay tuned to what Cadi has in store for you and as always, thank you for your support with our Kickstarter campaign. On this day, we have zoomed past $660K in just about two months on StartEngine. Thank you so much!

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