The Future of Cadi in Sports


Cadi’s initial focus is on golf. Our overarching mission, however, is to use our autonomous retail technology to reinvent the sporting goods industry as a whole. We will achieve this by: 1) delivering an unbeatable, personalized shopping experience, and 2) leveraging the physical locations where sports are played. 


Cadi leverages the golf course to allow customers to experience “Demo Day, Every Day.” There’s currently very little or nonexistent retail sales on a golf course, and this is sadly the case for most other sports as well.


Cadi in Golf


The true value of Cadi is in our backend platform. Platform in this case means the combination of our mobile and e-commerce marketplace, as well as our proprietary automated technology. 


In the sporting goods landscape, there are plenty of outdoor activities with little to no retail presence such as baseball parks, hockey rinks, beaches, ski resorts… and the list goes on.


Cadi’s technology is full functional (and can run securely on solar energy too!). When creating Cadi, we built our technology around helping customers find the right products for their customization needs, and do so through a try-before-you-buy experience. This is especially important in golf, but in many other sports as well.


 Building on the core components of Cadi’s technology, we can then apply more innovation and customization to other sports equipment, while harnessing the power of the data collected to enhance the customer experience. 


When Cadi is focused on autonomous retail. The need in golf was glaringly obvious for this type of technology. The current process to find and purchase golf equipment is not inclusive for the majority of golfers. Segmentation throughout the market results in no clear industry leader. There is a need for a centralized place for golfers to shop for equipment, learn about products, and ultimately play their clubs before committing to any purchase. This creates a huge opportunity for autonomous retail technology.


We have introduced this platform for distributing products, and now we can empower the golf course to become a powerful retailer. Cadi can increase sales with 10x-100x return for partner golf courses, and disrupt a stagnant industry.


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Cadi Stands Out From the Competition


Cadi can reduce the average shipping time of golf products and connect the customers to top brands like never before.


The way the golf industry has evolved doesn’t allow for customers to truly understand or have knowledge about their own swing data. Our mission with this autonomous technology is to present all of the relevant information in a very simple way for any golfer. With the data we’re collecting and our technology platform, Cadi can leverage that data and present it to each user in a helpful way to make the game of golf more inviting for golfers at all levels. Through this, we bridge the gap between a new golfer and someone that’s wanting to buy golf equipment.


This enhanced way of buying and trying sports products allows Cadi’s platform to transform any retail space, particularly those that are dead or declining (i.e. golf course pro shops). 


The Future of Cadi in Sports

Currently in sports, there is no retail presence at the facility the sport is played. You have to either go on online or go to a big box store to see and feel the product. 


Cadi aims to bring our retail technology to these locations, which of course will allow for this enhanced try-before-you-buy experience when purchasing products directly at the venue where you play your game. 


Cadi’s core technology is easily applied to other sporting goods. Cadi could be on a beach housing surfboards for demos. On a mountain with skis. On site at baseball, tennis and hockey facilities. The application is repeatable and the opportunities are extensive. 


Right now, there are two ways to buy products. You can go online through your phone and buy it on the internet, or you can purchase the product in a physical store. 


The reason Cadi’s value is so high, is because we are creating a third purchasing channel. We’re combining your mobile phone and online shopping with our autonomous distribution locations. Cadi has the potential to turn any non-revenue producing retail location into a thriving profit center. 


Cadi drastically reduces the hard cost of retail with rent and labor. We are revenue sharing with our partners and facilities which creates a huge advantage over signing a 30 year lease for a retail space in a shopping center.


Cadi’s Potential


In golf, there’s a handful of powerful brands that make up the majority of the market share in that industry. 90% of the hardware in the golf industry is made by TaylorMade, Titleist, Callaway, and Ping. In other sports it’s very similar with about 4-5 brands controlling the industry, all leading toward the same decline in physical retail. This current sports retail model across industries is a perfect fit for Cadi’s innovative third channel.


While there’s other retail technologies out there, Cadi is the only product on the market gearing up to serve other markets by combining the autonomous retail kiosk and mobile marketplace.


Cadi is currently raising capital from the crowd on our StartEngine raise page to expand our offerings in the golf industry and beyond. We plan to continue our raise to expand our infrastructure, which tracks each product from sourcing to sale. We aim to enhance the purchase experience, eliminate long shipping periods, and harness user data to make the golf and sports retail experience more accessible for all. We invite you to visit our raise page, where you can invest in Cadi for as little as $249.


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