What You Need to Look for in a Golf Club


When it comes to buying new clubs, there are a few things you should think about prior to purchasing anything!


First, (and the most important), is identifying the flex of the shaft. For optimal results, you want to match your swing speed and skill level to the shaft you choose. If you’re unsure of what your swing speed is try testing out various shafts and watch what your ball is doing. If the ball is spraying to the right the shaft may be too stiff for you and vice versa.


Second, if you’re buying a driver, be sure to look at the loft, which ideally gets you the height you prefer off the tee. Pro tip: if you tend to hit down on the ball with your driver go for a 10.5 degree or higher loft!


The third thing you should look into is the brand of the clubs. This is more of a preference by the individual swinging the clubs. It’s not necessary for you to fill your bag with all of the same brand; what it comes down to is being happy with what you’re looking down at when you’re about to hit your shot.


Often, there is new technology being released by golf companies to improve your game. If you hit a slice for example, TaylorMade’s Twist Face twists the face of the driver slightly to prevent a hook shot off the toe or a slice off the heel. Callaway has a similar technology called jailbreak, which allows for faster ball speed off of the face and a larger impact area to reduce misses. 


Titleist, Callaway, TaylorMade and Ping are the top four brands in golf, but more importantly are all located inside the Cadi Kiosk. 90% of drivers in the United States are Callaway and TaylorMade, making them the most present companies in golf.




Sizing of clubs is standard, but each swing depends on having a flexible shaft. A majority of purchased clubs are not fit to their swing speed. With Cadi, you can see the result of every swing. You’re actually comparing different models versus comparing your old clubs. Often when you play on the course and try clubs, you get a different feel for the contact of each hit. 


In the future, the shaft will have sensors on it that are reading the swing speed and will be able to tell you exactly what you need based on your swing, all while collecting data. Being able to tell what club works for you is a combination of trying it on the course and monitoring swing speed. 


If you want to get into golf, you walk into a store and have different salesmen and it’s not an inclusive experience for someone who has no prior product knowledge. With Cadi, we are trying to create a new and less intimidating experience for golfers of all skill levels. This is done using systems to monitor swing speed, with a demonstration of what the swing should look like, and what you should be hitting on any specific shot and hole. 


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Don’t Test. Play.


With real life demos, it should be very clear what is happening, and in a less intimidating surrounding. You can get what you need without having to interact with a salesperson. In today’s world, how is a new golfer going to know how to buy golf products with such limited resources? The only way to know if the clubs you bought work for you, is trying them on the course. 


The most commonly purchased club is a driver. On average one out of every four years a new driver is purchased. That’s a lot more frequently than any other clubs in your bag. That’s also where a majority of research and development money from golf companies is spent. It’s the product that drives the golf industry. The second most replaced would be putters. The third, would be wedges. Fourth, irons. Cadi focuses on drivers and putters with some wedges available as well. 


In drivers, they’re advancing technology often, in fact they advance every year. You’re investing a lot of money into the product, how it is improved, the materials used, adjustability levels, and different functionality. With Cadi, you have the latest and greatest products at your fingertips in minutes. Giving you the ability to try out what’s new and see if the hype is worth the price. If you don’t try before you buy, you may not see any improvement.


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It’s hard to know where to start with purchasing golf clubs, and there is no clear route to success. New technology is introduced constantly, begging the question – Does this really help my game? The truth is you really won’t know until you try it on the course to see how it helps. Correct sizing is key to fit your swing speed and skill level. With Cadi, it’s all a very cost effective experience, charging just $10 for unlimited product demos and sizing suggestions. 



Now that you know the key components of selecting the right golf club, we invite you to visit our StartEngine page to learn more about Cadi and our goal of making the game of golf an accessible experience for all golfers. Join us as an investor today for as little as $250!



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