Why I Made My First Investment In Cadi for $25,000


After appearing in Yahoo! Finance as the World’s First Autonomous Golf Retailer, momentum behind Cadi is up for the win.

As we continue to garner more success, it’s important for us to connect with our investors during this period of crowdfunding.  When we decided to offer the chance to own a piece of Cadi, we knew crowdfunding came with uncertainty. We knew golfers loved our concept, but will potential investors see Cadi’s vision and mission? We stuck to our mission of offering an unbeatable experience to the customer and implementing technology that creates competitive advantages over traditional retailers. 


We recently touched base with another Cadi investor, Ryan Read, who has been with us from the beginning. After hearing about our automated technology and mission to provide golfers with an unbeatable experience, he chose to make his first investment with us for $25,000. Here’s Ryan’s story: 


Q: Are you a first time investor?


A: I am. I am extremely picky where I put my money and this is my first real investor venture. I honestly really believe in Tyler because he’s a gifted entrepreneur. I have known Tyler for a while, and when he started Cadi I jumped on the opportunity,  and I’m really excited! 


Q: Since this is your first time investing, how do you value a company when deciding to invest?


A: I looked for the right leadership. There are companies with great ideas, but don’t have the right owner or the right management for success. I believe Tyler knows what he’s doing. I believe the direction he’s taking with this company and his vision. He’s not going to stop until Cadi reaches the top.


Q: What do you see in Tyler and the team as a whole that makes you feel they will make the business succeed? 


A: His work ethic. I am a big person on work ethic. These guys live and breathe Cadi. I’m a business owner myself and I live and breathe my company. If you have a smart person with no work ethic, it’s not going to take off.  I pride myself on being involved in Cadi as much as I can by staying updated on what they’re doing. It’s work all day finding investors, or they’re contacting people to discuss Cadi. It’s a process, but they’ve never stopped. That to me is huge. Over the last couple of years I’ve never seen them stop or take a day off and that is really encouraging to me.


Q: When did you invest in Cadi?


A: Three years ago. In the very beginning when they first started. Tyler came to me with the idea and I jumped at it because I know Tyler works relentlessly.  I’ve seen the process for the past four years, and I told myself I was going to be a part of that. I’m really liking the direction it’s taking right now.


Q: Three years ago, why did you decide to invest in Cadi?


A: I’m a big timing person. I had just sold one of my properties. When Tyler approached me I knew this is exactly what I want to get into. This is an exciting project for me. I love being excited about what I’m investing in, and watching the progress.I am very fortunate to have invested when I did. They have done well with their campaign and people see potential in this! That’s why it’s going to grow. Tyler’s enthusiasm for his vision made me enthusiastic, and the timing couldn’t have been better. 


Q: How much did you invest in Cadi?


A: About $25,000


Q: Do you feel personally connected to the Cadi brand? 


A: Big time. Not only do I know Tyler but I make sure to have updates weekly if not monthly. I have constant discussions with him. The industry can benefit from this technology. People want things fast and don’t want to wait on products. It’s a great move for the direction life is moving. 2021 is all about efficient products.


Q: Are you a golfer?


A: You know what? I am not a golfer. I tried playing golf but I had back surgery so it doesn’t agree with me. I played professional sports for five years so you know, I know athletes and plenty about sports and the direction the industry is heading today. Even though I am not a golfer, I feel I know the mindset of athletes.


Q: Do you think Cadi will transform the sports retail industry?


A: I think Cadi is such an amazing product and idea that  it will transform golf as a whole. When it comes to the technology, I feel it can transform not just golf, but the entire sports retail industry.  People don’t want to wait anymore in 2021—they want efficiency, ease, results, and instant gratification. Cadi is headed in this direction, which makes it a perfect market match. 


Q: Why do you believe the market will benefit from Cadi?


A: The market is all about being online and being autonomous—in other words people don’t want to do things without people. People want results. You can go get a golf club without having to deal with a salesperson or Google, then your shopping experience is way more efficient.  Plus, you can try your item before purchase which takes all human error out of it especially in COVID ages. Cadi is very safe and really perfect for what the market needs today.


Q: What would you say to first time investors?


A: I invested in the product and the person. A great product can fail if the right person is not behind it. Because I believe in Tyler so much and for any first time investors, I assure you we have the best owner. He is not going to stop until this product hits and that makes me feel at ease. The timing of the technology is great and it allows people to be safe and efficient. 


We are grateful for the generous outpouring of support from our investors and Cadi community. We look forward to having continued conversations with our investors about our brand and our mission to become the leader of autonomous golf and sporting goods retail. 


We launched this crowdfunding campaign because we want golfers involved. We want thought-leaders and innovators involved. It is becoming more and more apparent that the future of shopping is mobile online shopping and a modern version of in-person shopping. Cadi can become the golf/sporting goods retail leader.


If there is any interest in growing modern-day sports retail, then the time is now. Invest today on our StartEngine campaign page for as little as $250 and join the journey. 


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  1. Greetings,

    I’m considering investing, but I have some questions.

    1. Can you further explain how the financial relationship with the golf course/driving range owner works? Does Cadi pay to have the kiosk on-site, or is there a profit sharing partnership?

    2. I read the plan is for you guys to build the business and sell it for a sizable profit. Should investors expect to be able to sell their shares once the company has been sold? If so, what is your timeline for the company to be sold if your plan is achieved?

    3. When an I expect to see Cadi come to Georgia?

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