The Pros and Cons of the Top 4 Fastest Growing Retail Companies in Golf


It’s highly recommended you are fitted for clubs in order to perform at your best game, as brands frequently update their clubs with new technology and manufacturing techniques that influence design and gameplay. 

But 95% of golfers don’t spend the time nor the dollar amount to be properly fit for clubs, thus not performing at their best game.

Buying off the shelf poses problems for golfers and the future of golf retail as a whole. The pandemic is forcing big box retailers to shut down their stores, leaving few options for golfers to find the correct product for success. There’s always buying off the internet, but even then arises  the issue of shipping, returns, and not being able to try your purchased product. Golf pros shops aren’t able to compete with big box retailers or the internet, with their smaller inventory levels and a dying niche market.

There’s too many options out there for golf enthusiasts and here we aim to cover the pros and cons of the fastest growing golf retail companies, from big box retailers to smaller niche retailers.


Club Champion

Niche Club Fitting

Club Champion takes advantage of the dying sports retailers and promotes custom fittings for clubs from brands like Callaway, Titleist, and TaylorMade. They are a trusted golf fitting expert with locations in all golf markets, making them the go-to for personal fittings.

With Club Champion, you are able to pay for new clubs to have upgraded features that match skill level. After hitting into a simulator, you are able to see how one club sizing compares to another. If you don’t hit enough shots to tell the different brands or products apart, you may need more time hitting into the net.


Club Champion fittings are done by a Certified Club Champion Fitter, and are all custom fittings to take your game to the next level. They do this through monitoring swings and stroke data for before and after performance numbers. There is no obligation to purchase a club after a fitting but you receive a percentage off your fitting if you purchase a custom club. 


Although ranked as one of Golf Digest’s Top Club Fitters, Club Champion is not inclusive with their price tags. It will cost $150 for a driver fitting and with the price of new clubs with the correct sizing tacked onto the fitting, you’re looking at a bill upwards of a few thousand dollars. This is where Club Champion has become profitable, all it takes is one customer!


PGA Superstore 

Big Box Retailer

PGA Superstore is a massive retailer with every item you would want inside.

From a business perspective, PGA Superstore has a massive footprint. It’s a huge store. Often in such massive stores, salespeople are strapped for time and are often unhelpful in the delivery of product knowledge. 

Maintaining customer satisfaction through consistent knowledge of salespeople on the floor is not realistic. If you’re sold a product based on the suggestion of a salesperson lacking key knowledge, your game couldn’t really improve.

You can’t try clubs on the course with in-store or online purchases. The only way to confidently know if your new club is the best fit for your body and your game is to try clubs is on the driving range or during your round. This really calls into question what the future holds for big box retailers like PGA Superstore!


PGA is able to host lessons onsite with the net simulator, they have a killer club repair service, and offer free club fittings. PGA Superstore stands by all products they sell, and they offer a full money back guarantee within 30 days in the event you want to return your product. 


You’re able to make returns with PGA Superstore for a full refund, but the products must be new and unused and in its original packaging. Meaning, there is no way for you to try on a course and return your item if unsatisfied. Let’s say it takes a few rounds for you to realize the product isn’t for you. Your game hasn’t improved, you’re stuck with a club you don’t want, and your wallet is slightly lighter. 


Global Golf

Internet Business

Global Golf has a very powerful online presence as one of the largest online retailers for golf products, and offers an alternative to visiting a golf shop.

Global Golf has a program called Utry, where you pay $25 and they will send you one club for two weeks to try. This is extremely innovative in the golf industry. However, you’re at a loss from the $25 spent and the added shipping time and costs. 3-5 business days to ship there and back does not leave much room for demoing the club, and only one at that. 

Often the inventory you want to try is off the shelf being demoed by others who want to try the latest and greatest, leaving little diversity in the available clubs.


Global Golf is powerful in the industry. Their deal with TaylorMade to handle all of their e-commerce leaves them with exclusive discounts on their sites. 


Their sites lack the innovation you’d expect to see when you’re about to spend $550 buying a driver. The online shopping selection is flooded with variety. Without guidance, how are you supposed to sort through thousands of products available online?



Unique and Niche

Say goodbye to the simulator. Cadi uses artificial intelligence to fit people to the right club for free, offering an unlimited selection of products that can be shipped directly to you to try at home. Or within 2 hours, you can visit the autonomous kiosk located on your nearest public golf course to demo on the course.

Their mission is to make the golf shopping experience personalized. For $10, you can demo the latest and greatest golf clubs from reputable brands, play an entire round, and commit when you’re confident your new club is taking your game to the next level.


The Cadi retail model puts the product you want to try in your hands while you’re playing your round. It also gives you a chance to try several products before making a final decision on what to buy, without dealing with shipping and returns. Cadi’s AI technology and app also keeps track of your preferences, and presents data to users to help them improve their game, regardless of skill level.


With golfers behind the mission, Cadi has the potential to enter other sports industries and e-commerce markets, but how will they reach golfers fast enough for the business to scale?


We guarantee you’ll visit one of these top fastest growing retail companies in golf before the next time you tee off! In a world where e-commerce websites are rapidly becoming the leader in selling products, and niche and other big box retailers are seeing a decline in sales, this is where Cadi could win.

Learn more about Cadi’s investment opportunity on StartEngine and take part in their mission to revolutionize the golf purchasing industry for as little as $148.


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