The Tech That Goes Into Making Sports Retail Smart


Cadi’s technology is dynamic and the first of its kind. The proprietary technology is how the product is tracked and attached to the users accounts. This allows Cadi to track the product throughout the entire experience. This new freedom and convenience is game changing for golfers.

When a user engages the kiosk, they choose a club, create an account, and pay all through their mobile phone and kiosk. The product is tracked by sensors attached to the product that connects to the user’s account. The sensor uses a system enabling our software to know the precise location of each product at all times. 

In retail today, when a product hits the floor it is only tracked manually through a salesperson. 

With Cadi’s system, there are scanners connected to the kiosk that are constantly scanning and tracking. Every 15 minutes, the scanner in Cadi scans products and updates the adjustable inventory system. 

This technology is currently limited to our kiosk, but the future of Cadi is limitless. In the future, Cadi can expand into larger spaces with new versions of the kiosk using the same internal technology used in the kiosk today.


The Tech Behind Cadi

Automation hasn’t happened yet in retail because there is still a dark zone of missing inventory in traditional retail stores. Inventory is tracked through employees through handheld devices, scanning, day after day. 

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF) 2019 National Retail Security Survey, the average shrink rate in the retail industry is 1.38% of sales, which has stayed approximately the same since 2014. While that may not sound like a lot, consider that shrinkage cost retailers more than $50.6 billion in losses in 2018. (NRF)

We recognize this is where we are in the current retail environment. In partnership with our engineering team, we have solved the problem of inventory automation. We aim to reach the next step of automation through our live inventory tracking for future kiosks to come.

Cadi’s technology eliminates the need for manual tracking through our automated technology. Cadi tracks inventory through a customized system. Each product is tracked from sourcing all the way to the sale using the same system.

The tech behind Cadi took about one year of development and nine months of testing. The kiosk operates with scanning and tags while moving doors guide scanners to read the product of your choice. 

Cadi’s team experimented with different types of scanners, sensors, made adjustments to our prototype hardware of the kiosk, and adjusted the power frequency of our scanners throughout the testing period. Cadi also released the kiosk to customers to try the experience, and gained critical, problem solving feedback. 

The physical kiosk was built in different phases according to the needs of the technology. Both merged together once proper structure and functionality of the kiosk was determined.

The technology behind Cadi required the knowledge of many skilled professionals. We worked with software engineers, hardware engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers. Cadi’s team sought out experts of other kiosks successes, particularly with our partner Redbox. The most important parts of our kiosk were built through these partnerships. 

Cadi is highly focused on the function of the technology within the kiosk. We hope to expand our technology into more industries and further advance and customize. Chip technology has been around for a long time, but it only recently has started becoming more powerful with computers and scanners and faster, smaller chips.


How it Began

In the very beginning, CEO Tyler Gottstein made a list of people he admired in the industries that mattered most to golf, retail and different technologies. 

“Two or three years later I’ve talked to everyone on that list. I spoke to the founder of Redbox, Netflix and different technology companies that create scanners and sensors,” says Tyler, “Building these relationships is my favorite part of this whole experience.” 

Through conversations with these innovators, Tyler found fellow entrepreneurs were happy to help other entrepreneurs in that community and answer questions. 

The conversations with partners gave Tyler the opportunity to ask questions as he gained information that helped during the initial learning process.

“Creating the technology behind Cadi was challenging,”  he says, “There were a lot who contributed their genius to the final product and when it works together, it works beautifully.”


The Bigger Vision

Let’s say you wanted a new tennis racket. In a traditional sporting goods store you have about 25 options and they’re all different. There’s different strings and different tightness for each, and there becomes a need for expertise in a salesperson to find the right tennis racket. Having a technology like Cadi’s is important because as we advance into different segments, our customers will be connected and growing that network of people who enjoy being active.

There is personalization when it comes to purchasing products, especially golf clubs. With Cadi, our purpose behind collecting data on every golfer is to help fit each golfer to the right clubs.

Our technology works with your mobile device, and ecommerce through your account. Cadi is creating systems that can take the data and present it to the user in a way that will increase the likelihood of purchasing the right product, and ultimately increase happiness with the product. 

This type of data is not currently being collected in golf. We are in a traditional model where you have to speak to a salesperson and bet their knowledge fits you with the right product. With Cadi, we can tell you what you need based on our artificial intelligence. What Cadi gives customers is real life data, not just a professional eye. 

Sports retail will see a decline because of the increase of ecommerce. Many sports products need to be demoed, and items cant be shipped very effectively. Our solution with Cadi is this omni-channel with autonomous physical locations where you can try and feel products. There is no better way to solve this problem of shrinking retail and growing ecommerce. Many of these industries are too niche and have already been eliminated in retail settings. 

Cadi is the best solution. 

These industries are in a dying retail space and these products should be tried, and can be tried with this type of technology. 

Cadi gives you a place to go try the products, whether it’s a golf course, tennis facility, hockey rink, or ski mountain. 

Cadi’s future locations and niche market product demos are limitless. 

Cadi sees the change in retail, and is making ways to becoming the leader in autonomous golf retail. We encourage you to visit our StartEngine page to learn about Cadi’s goal of creating an autonomous shopping experience for golf, and future industries to come.


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