Why Autonomous Shopping Is The Future of E-Commerce

Cadi is an omni-channel that combines ecommerce and autonomous retail. The Cadi kiosk is an autonomous retail channel with the purpose of providing customers with an unparalleled experience. Cadi gives customers the ability to feel the product, try the product, and demo the product in the best location for distribution of golf products, the course.


With Cadi, you can easily browse products on your mobile device or computer. Cadi’s convenient location allows customers to go try the product (as part of Cadi’s membership program, or for a fee) at a kiosk, or it could be delivered from the kiosk to your home. 


The Cadi experience is centralized around convenience and accessibility. Merging the kiosk and ecommerce offers access to many variations of products that may not be accessible otherwise.  


Cadi is unmanned and always accessible. The world now requires higher sanitization practices, increased social distancing, and increased online sales. Cadi is completely self-service and autonomous and is geared for modern day sports retail.


The Future of E-commerce


Ecommerce has turned into a poor online experience with too many similar products and websites. Ecommerce and Shopify work well together in some niche arenas, but does not for all products.


At Cadi, our goal is to focus primarily on the problems of golf. There are 2 million fake clubs on the market, there is lack of knowledge in traditional sports retail, and zero involved customer service. The problems in golf retail go hand in hand with online websites not being able to provide a customized experience for golfers.


Forced shutdowns from Covid changed everyone’s purchase experience while permanently closing many major niche retailers. Fortunately, golf and retail saw significant growth during the pandemic. Covid helped demonstrate Cadi’s belief – not all products can be sold online. 


Cadi’s retail platform is ideal for the demands of a post-Covid marketplace. Through Cadi’s autonomous shopping experience, there is no need for human contact. Whether shopping online, or at the kiosk.


Cadi offers mobile payments and user accounts, so all interactions can be made through your mobile device and is tracked through your dashboard. Cadi is built for outdoor shopping, never closes, and is surrounded by fresh air!


The Future of Cadi


Cadi’s future plans to expand our presence online with 24/7 connectivity. In the distant future, Cadi’s team will be really calling into question what our kiosk is and what it looks like. 


As our network of kiosks builds and our technology advances, our kiosks may transform and expand into a larger autonomous retail space with tracked inventory, or may be something different entirely. 


At Cadi we believe the future of autonomous retail is bigger than a kiosk. Our kiosk supports both e-commerce and provides a better customer experience. 


With the pandemic, it is becoming more and more apparent that the future of shopping is mobile online shopping and a modern version of in-person shopping. Cadi can become the golf/sporting goods retail leader.


Modern Day Sports Retail

Anyone who currently shops through ecommerce websites such as Amazon or Shopify understands the problem of shopping in stores. Shopping in stores leads to reduced and missing inventory, unhelpful salespeople, and lack of industry knowledge. 


Rather than having to drive to a store or scroll through clubs online, Cadi’s Autonomous Kiosks allow you to demo and purchase clubs at your local driving range and course. 


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With lack of niche sport knowledge, salespeople aren’t able to guarantee performance success. The golf shopping experience needs to be personalized. Cadi uses technology to better fit you with products with a more convenient and more accessible selection. 


Covid-19 guidelines call for increased caution in cleanliness. As the common global knowledge of maintaining distance and promoting cleanliness continues, Cadi hopes to give shoppers an alternative option to traditional instore shopping. 


Cadi is capitalizing on the perfect market conditions as the retail environment has been changed forever because of the pandemic. There is a desperate need for retail technology and the timing is right. 


Cadi is truly a pandemic proof business. 


If you’re a golfer or sports-lover who is excited to see these changes to the sports retail model, then we want to encourage you to join our community and mission as an investor. 


Join us today as an investor on StartEngine to make the autonomous golfing experience safer and more effective for all!

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