Why I Invested $25,000 in Cadi

We recently hit the $100K investment milestone on StartEngine. The generous outpouring of support from our investors gears Cadi towards our future successes. The Cadi team is grateful for all our investors who see the vision behind what we are trying to achieve and accomplish.

We chose equity crowdfunding over traditional fundraising because introducing our technology to the golfing world and connecting with investors and brand ambassadors during this period is important to us.  

We are overwhelmed with gratitude for the support from our community and look forward to future discussions with those just as passionate about Cadi and it’s development as we are. 

We recently interviewed one of our very first investors, Mike Markovitz, about his $25,000 investment in Cadi.


Q: Are you a first time investor? 

A: “I have invested in more than 10 small businesses and startups”


Q: How do you value a company/startup when deciding to invest? 

A: “I was in mergers and acquisitions and was a screener for an angel investor group forum where I practiced screening companies. I looked at hundreds of companies. There are a whole lot of factors that go into an investment decision. You do your due diligence and you compare them against a whole lot of other investments and make the decision of which ones you want to invest in.”


Q: When did you invest in Cadi?

A: “About two years ago.”


Q: Why did you invest in Cadi?

A: “I am a golfer and Tyler got in touch with me and told me what he was doing. I said to myself, yeah, I would use that service! So I got very interested in it and I actually did use the service and found out that the club I rented was phenomenal for me. So I actually bought it and that got me very interested. I then went around with Tyler to some of the local pros that I know who run golf courses. Without hesitation they said this is something they would do on their side. Those were two very strong things that captured my interest when looking at the company.


Q: Can you give me an approximate #?

A: $25,000. I made the investment before Cadi’s campaign with StartEngine. With the amount of money they were trying to raise I felt I would be a fairly substantial shareholder. I wanted to put in enough money that it would help them reach their initial goals. There were several other investors with me and the amount of money they raised did allow them to create their first kiosk. I also subsequently invested in their StartEngine campaign. 


Q: What do you see in the Cadi team that makes you feel they will make the business succeed?

A: Tyler is the type of person that I have confidence in to make Cadi successful. I’ve been invested for two years, and despite a few setbacks, he has really delivered by finding alternate paths to success. That is always key in startups. Tyler sees the end zone and will get us there. I am very pleased with what the team has accomplished, and with this round of fundraising, I look forward to seeing them scale the Cadi kiosk presence. 


Q: Do you feel personally connected to the Cadi brand? If so, why?

A: Oh, Yes absolutely. There’s really no other way where I could say, “Hey, you know, I’ve seen that new driver on TV. I’d like to try it,” There’s no other way. Absolutely none.


Q: Are you a golfer? If so, why do you think Cadi will transform the industry? 

A: When I rented one club I liked it so much, I bought the whole set and that was three clubs. So I’ve been using those for two years now and I’m very happy with them. I probably would not have tried it but I really only tried one brand and I happened to like it the first time. I haven’t been in the market for golf clubs since I bought those. 


Q: Why do you believe the market will benefit from Cadi?

A: I’m in several men’s clubs where I know hundreds and hundreds of golfers and I’ve talked to them about Cadi. They’re all super excited about the ability to rent a club and try it out on the course because, if you were in the market before, you’d have to go buy them. Now you can just say well, I want to try this club and you may not even be in the market for one. If you want to try the newest clubs and latest equipment before making your purchase decision, Cadi allows you to do that. 


Q: As an investor, what would you say to first time investors?

A: I would say, it’s always good to diversify what you’re invested in. If you’re diversified in investments, you make all your money back several fold.


At Cadi, we hope to further create partnerships with investors as we continue to work towards becoming leaders in automated golf retail. 

Our mission is to create a better shopping experience by sharing our knowledge in this space, while making customers money as they take part in the future of golf retail.

We invite you to visit startengine.com/cadi to learn more and invest in Cadi’s offering for as little as $250.

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