Meet the Faces Behind Cadi!

Tyler Gottstein, CEO, and Matt Ahrens, COO, connected over a decade ago with their shared passion in sports and mutual love for business and entrepreneurship. 

With Tyler as the visionary and front facing voice of Cadi, and Matt as the research and operational mind, both are dedicating their lives to being impactful leaders and growing a successful business.


Tyler Gottstein, CEO of Cadi 

Tyler knew from a young age he wanted to start businesses and be an entrepreneur. After growing up in Southern California, Tyler played college basketball, and went on to earn his MBA and M.Ed. from the University of Washington. His early business ventures were in real estate and consumer electronics.

As Founder and CEO, Tyler is responsible for the vision behind Cadi. His leadership and decision making is put to use every day with the development projects he works on.

Whether spearheading hardware projects with Cadi’s engineering team, brainstorming software design with developers, or communicating with strategic partners and investors, Tyler’s love for building businesses and solving challenging problems came long before Cadi’s inception.


Matt Ahrens, COO of Cadi 

Matt joined as COO and Co-Founder, bringing his analytical and operational knowledge from 10+ years working with small and large brands. His background in scaling businesses and developing teams plays a critical role at Cadi. Matt studied business in college, and like Tyler, achieved his M.Ed. from the University of Washington.

Matt manages multiple pieces of Cadi’s business from the financial and operational side to sales and marketing. He provides expertise in implementing new processes and expanding the Cadi team.


How the Team Came Together to Build Cadi

Tyler and Matt’s friendship began as kids living in the same neighborhood, attending the same high school, and playing on the same sports teams. The two stayed in contact throughout college, hanging out and playing pickup basketball games. Despite all of this, Tyler and Matt’s deepest connection was their relentless passion to build businesses and solve big, challenging problems.

Between the two, Tyler is the one always exploring new opportunities and thinking long term. After seeing a shift happening in retail and spotting an opportunity in golf, Tyler merged his love for sports and entrepreneurship to create the vision behind Cadi. Tyler’s vision compelled Matt to quit his job and join Tyler to help build what is now Cadi. 

“Matt was one of the first people I talked to about this idea,” Tyler says, “he eventually jumped in and we got to work.” Matt’s initial role involved building the foundational pieces for the business and ultimately selling products. Tyler was deep in the development of Cadi’s prototype kiosk and initial software design. “The challenge we had early on was taking manual processes and automating them,” Matt says, “Tyler and I worked long hours to design the right systems and team to get us where we are now. It’s something that’s constantly improving.”


Tyler and Matt’s Passion For Business and Cadi

Tyler’s passion for entrepreneurship comes from the journey and experiences in building businesses.

“When I go to sleep at night I just really appreciate the journey of growing a business. That’s what drives me,” he says. “My real mission is to always be learning. I’m challenged and learning daily, so my life is really good.”

Matt’s time in the corporate world made him realize he didn’t want to settle in life. He had more potential and wanted to pursue something much bigger than what he saw in his future.

“I wanted to take that risk and challenge myself with no real security,” he says, “that was the most exciting thing for me. A space and a product that I really believed in. Once I got behind it, I saw where Cadi would go and then I said, okay, I’m all in.”


The Cadi Dream

Cadi’s team sees the clear shift in retail. The difficulty to ship products, the poor online experience, and the non-existent ability to demo products purchased online is killing niche markets. Cadi is the new shopping experience using both a physical presence, the Cadi Kiosk, as well as an online marketplace.

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Matt and Tyler’s goals with Cadi are to solve the problems with golf retail, then implement the technology into other sports industries. The technology itself could disrupt many markets and make the sports world a better place. 

“We’re big dreamers, and we have big goals,” Tyler says.

“Tyler will have the idea, and then we’ll work together to bring data behind it. To figure out what’s the right path. What’s the right step, what’s the next solution,” says Matt, “I think this is really where the two of us work best.”

Tyler and Matt’s combined expertise and knowledge are what drives the Cadi team. Their passion and dedication as entrepreneurs is pivotal for the development of Cadi and it’s future successes.

To follow the progress of Cadi, connect with Matt and Tyler on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram for personal updates and follow the current status of Cadi’s StartEngine campaign!

To learn more about Cadi’s autonomous retail technology, we encourage you to visit our StartEngine raise page today!

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