Why The Current Golf Retail Model is Broken


From how you play the game to your level of experience and expertise, to the clubs themselves—change is the only thing constant in golf. 

We guarantee you’re not the same golfer now compared to the first time you teed off. Your relationship to the game evolves as your physical ability, and mental understanding of how the club hits the ball grows as your skill increases.

It’s likely that the clubs in your bag have also changed, as brands frequently update clubs with new technology and manufacturing techniques that influence design and gameplay. 

So if you’re going to play this game for many years like our CEO and Co-Founder Tyler Gottstein, understand that your game is always evolving and that sooner or later, you’re going to need new gear.

But even though the industry has changed, the way we buy clubs has stayed relatively the same. Tyler recalls his last experience trying to buy a new driver, “I’m an everyday golfer and extremely passionate about the game. I needed to buy new clubs, so I went the normal route of going into a golf shop. I had no idea which clubs were best for me. I had no idea what brand I wanted. The salesman provided little information that helped me select a club. He suggested a couple of clubs, and I tried them into a net. I made a decision based on my favorite brand and not on the club’s performance. It was a week later when I tried that club for the first time from the tee. It was clear right away that club was not the right fit for me. It was not good at all. The club wound up sitting in my garage, a complete waste of money.”

He continues, “I realized that the right equipment is just as important as how we play. The current purchase experience is completely outdated, broken, and not designed to be user friendly.” By breaking down how the current golf retail model is broken, we hope to show you that it’s time for disruptive change in the industry and how we at Cadi are positioning ourselves to be that change.


Problem #1: Public golf courses do not sell clubs anymore. 

The big-box golf shop and the internet have killed the golf course pro shop. When was the last time you purchased golf clubs from the pro shop? 

We’re betting it has been a long time, and if you did, we know the selection available was small to none with no realistic demo experience.

So what are you forced to do instead? You have to buy them at a store, deal with a salesperson, take them home, set up a time to play around, then go see if the new gear you just spent $500 to $1,000, or more, is going to work.  

Demo Days are the only demo opportunity, but they are infrequent and often do not offer multiple brands. Demo days leave you wanting more.  

Golf pros shops can’t compete with big-box retailers and the internet.

Thus, the in-store retail model is not aligned with your best golf interests, which can ultimately lead to dusty golf clubs in your garage, like Tyler’s new driver.


Problem #2: The Online Shopping Selection is flooded with variety, filled with two million fake clubs, and requires long shipping periods.

The internet offers an alternative to visiting a golf shop. Without guidance, how are you supposed to sort through thousands of products available online? 

Limited selection and no demo opportunity make it hard to choose the right gear. Plus, there is always a risk that the club you’re buying is fake, with no real way of discerning whether your new investment is the real deal or not. 

You do not know what you are buying until the product arrives. The shipping period is not convenient, and the return process is a pain.


Problem #3: You Can’t Try Clubs on The Course With In-Store or Online Purchases

The only way to confidently know if your new club is the best fit for your body and your game is to try clubs is on the driving range or during your round. There is no better place than hitting fairways and greens to get a feel for the demo. 

Yet, there is currently no way for golfers to demo new clubs confidently without a purchase commitment. 

In a day and age where shopping needs to be personalized and create a great user experience, we feel the current golf retail model falls extremely short and needs change.


Cadi’s Autonomous Retail Technology is The Change The Golf Retail Model Needs

At Cadi, we’re using technology to upgrade the golf shopping experience. 

Rather than having to drive to a store or scroll through clubs online, Cadi’s Autonomous Kiosks allow you to demo and purchase clubs at your local driving range and course. 

For only $10, you can demo the latest and greatest golf clubs from reputable brands, play an entire round, and commit when you’re confident your new club is taking your game to the next level. 

Because here’s the thing: 

The golf shopping experience needs to be personalized. 

In Tyler’s words, “Retail technology that changes the world will make the consumer feel good when they locate and purchase exactly what they’re looking for without the hassle of returns and salespeople.” 

The Cadi retail model puts the product you want to try out in your hands while you’re playing your round. It also gives you a chance to try several products before making a final decision on what to buy, without dealing with shipping and returns. Cadi’s AI technology and app also keeps track of your preferences. Through repeated interaction, our technology gets to know you and the brands you love; that way, we’re offering you only the best gear for your game. 

“The new driver sitting in my garage, never to be used, is a story many golfers have experienced themselves,” says Tyler Gottstein. “Nobody likes making a purchase to feel like it was a waste of money and time, and that’s exactly what Cadi is changing. By making Cadi a household name in golf, we hope to end the era of a broken retail model and usher in a new era of a personalized golf shopping experience that leans on technology to a try-before-you-buy model.”  

If you’re a golfer or sports-lover who is excited to see these changes to the sports retail model, then we want to excitedly encourage you to join our community and mission as an investor. 

Cadi is holding an equity crowdfunding campaign to utilize the crowd’s power to make our vision come to fruition and ultimately place a Cadi Kiosk on a course near you. 

Join us today as an investor on StartEngine to make the retail golfing experience more enjoyable, more profitable, and much more effective.


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