Everything You Need to Know About Cadi’s Investment Opportunity on StartEngine


Here at Cadi, we represent a new way to look at the golf retail experience.

We chose crowdfunding over a traditional fundraising campaign with venture capitalists and angel investors. This allows Cadi to continue to build technology and keep leveraging without giving up control to large Venture capitalist investors.

With crowdfunding, we have a global opportunity to gain momentum.

Our goal through StartEngine fundraising is to connect e-commerce to our patent pending technology to create the best purchase experience for you, the golfer!


Why Crowdfunding?


Cadi believes in crowdfunding, and StartEngine is a leader in this space. We recognized crowdfunding was seeing substantial growth over the last twelve months, and knew it would be a great way to introduce our technology to the world.

StartEngine has created new technologies that allow investors to trade shares purchased on the open market before a liquidity event, such as StartEngine Secondary. 

The anticipated 1000+ investors will become Cadi’s strongest customers. The investors are great to test new feedback and collect testing data on our technology.

For Cadi, introducing our technology to the golfing world and connecting with investors during this period with Start Engine is important to us. We chose StartEngine with the intent to reach the maximum amount of raises, which is $1.07 million. 

If Cadi does reach our goal, we will continue to build out our e-commerce platform with our patent pending technology. Development for infrastructure around the kiosk includes a management plan as well as logistic infrastructure support. 

We are a small team and with investments from StartEngine, we would be able to grow our business exponentially through new team members.


Cadi is the Solution!


Our technology has created a smarter way of helping you find, choose, and distribute products that are best for you. 

The world today is using kiosks as a place to pick up a product. 

Our goal is to build the foundation of both the physical presence, which is the kiosk, as well as a marketplace.

The Cadi Kiosk is the replacement for the traditional way of shopping. It also creates the option to enhance ecommerce through our autonomous mobile distribution stores. This would offer all products on the internet, sizes and different products included.

Plus, our application makes shopping online easy!

You have the option to pick up your product from a kiosk if you are located in a market with a kiosk network, or we’ll have the product delivered to you.

With our try before you buy demo experience, you can even go to the kiosk, demo your desired product, and ship it to yourself! The kiosk would be available in many locations without the expenses from traditional retailers.

At Cadi, we see the market shift where our technology is needed. 

The difficulty to ship products, the poor online experience, and the non-existent ability to demo products purchased through online is creating diminishing niche markets. 

With Cadi, there is a perfect market fit. We provide an omnichannel retail location, giving the benefits of ecommerce access, as well as the in-store retail experience.

By solving the problems for products that cannot be shipped and the clear need for a demo to feel the product before final purchases, Cadi would increase sales as well as customer experience.


The Future of Golf Retail


The patent pending technology behind the kiosk has led Cadi’s team into strong partnerships with big brands in golf, such as Tailormade, Titleist, Cleveland, and golf course management companies like Brown Golf and Course Co. 

Cadi’s experienced management team has proven success in the industry with over $1 million of sales in the last 18 months. 

With letters of intent from over 63 golf courses and counting, Cadi’s unique technology will be available to over 250,000 golfers once installed.

We hope to further these partnerships as we continue to test on these courses.

Cadi Kiosk is the first and only technology of its kind and we feel passionate about opening up our company to our community to help you make money!

Our mission is to create a better shopping experience by sharing our knowledge in this space, while making customers money as they take part in the future of golf retail.

We invite you to visit startengine.com/cadi for all Cadi investment information.



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