With Cadi, It’s Demo Day Every Day

As we all know, Golf is hard. Success on the course is in the details.

How hard is the wind blowing? How am I going to hit it out of that lie? How do I stop my slice? Should I get more beers from the cart girl? And even, Are these clubs even the right clubs for my game?

How you handle these details can separate you from playing a round of golf and playing a great, drool worthy, last thing you think about before you go to sleep, round of golf.

In a simple sense, golf is a sport in which players use various clubs to hit balls into a series of holes on a course in as few strokes as possible. Yet, playing the sport is half the battle.

The other half is your gear. It’s crucial that you have the proper equipment to shoot low, but it doesn’t help that the traditional golf sales model is outdated and full of poorly-intentioned salesmen.

To purchase the game-changing gear you need today, you’ll resort to online shopping with an overwhelming sea of products and no direction. Not to mention, the inability to demo the product when shopping online.

We saw the issues with the old golf sales model, and we knew something had to be done to repair the image and make shopping for clubs enjoyable again.

We offer an alternative to online and in-store shopping that gives you the incredible experience of trying clubs before you buy on the course. Completely eliminating the headache of trial and error with purchasing golf clubs online or through sporting goods stores. We believe our key differentiators are changing the game of golf, and we’re excited to be the first and only automated sports retail kiosk on the course.


The Issues With Current Golf Retail


You decide to purchase a new club. Exciting!

Now you have to decide whether you buy online or from a store. You decide to go to a store, to find no direction except from salesmen with bad intentions. There are too many options that are just okay, and the dreaded net stimulator does not allow you to test the product efficiently.

Online, there’s just as many options and the disadvantage of not being able to test your purchase until waiting days on end for the package to be delivered. When you open it, you find the quality is less than expected and since you used it on the course, you can’t return it.

The club winds up hanging out in your garage, never to be used.

Traditional golf retail lacks customers’ interests. In fact, 64% of golfers are unhappy with their purchase within 14 days of their buy. Makes sense, golf clubs are incredibly personal to a golfer’s style and build. Finding the perfect golf club requires testing before knowing if your purchase is the perfect fit. Even more, 93% of golfers prefer real on-course demos versus traditional product testing if it’s available.

This golf retail model has been the frustrating norm for years—until now.


Cadi is Creating Demo Day, Every Day!


Now imagine you decide to purchase a club through Cadi.

Rather than having to shop online and wait for days for delivery, or drive to the nearest store, you head to the course to play your weekly game of golf with your co-workers.

You get there early and head straight to a Cadi Kiosk, pick the club you’d like to demo and play a full game.

You decide you love the club, and make the purchase right then and there.

Say your weekly game was canceled, but you still wanted to pick up a club you knew you wanted to buy after demoing. Through the Cadi app you make your purchase, and have it delivered to you. Wait time? Only one hour!

With the convenience of Cadi’s technology, you’re able to demo clubs on site without the hassle of sales men or putting any money down. With no commitment you’re able to feel the improvement of the ball and result of your swings with each club you try. You buy right there on the course, or can search from our online catalogue or app to pickup at your local Cadi Kiosk or have it delivered to you straight to your doorstep.

And if you’re still not quite satisfied, our 30-day money-back guarantee allows you to return your purchase with no hassle right at the kiosk—no more having to deal with the annoying return shipping process.

That way, the next club you buy never winds up dusty in your garage.


Cadi’s Technology is Game-Changing


Cadi is created for you and your community, not for the sales commissions.

Along with a stress free demo, our kiosk system holds all the products you’ll need and are 100% authentic—no need to shop anywhere else or worry if you’re buying fake products online.
Unable to stop by a kiosk? No worries. Cadi is available 24/7 on our website and app where you can order and receive same-day shipping from a kiosk near you. If you’re not in love with your online order, you can return or exchange the club at the kiosk, and try a new one with a money-back guarantee.

The bottom line is that purchasing golf clubs should be all about you.

Each Cadi Kiosk is designed with a fitting algorithm utilizing big data and artificial intelligence to curate a product selection that you can demo, compare, and purchase at your convenience. By leveraging modern technology and your most desired locations, we are building a network of kiosks that create a more streamlined and personalized shopping experience around your needs.

Your time and experience matters to us. Thus, our complete focus is on you, and helping you gain the confidence that your game has just improved with your purchase at Cadi.

If you have any feedback or questions about Cadi, please do not hesitate to speak with us. Your input is invaluable and we always look forward to chatting.

Learn more about Cadi on StartEngine and follow us on social media (Instagram @cadikiosk, Facebook @Cadikiosk, LinkedIn @Cadi) for more information and updates!

Happy golfing!

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