Introducing Cadi, the Autonomous Future of Golf


Cadi is the world’s first retail automation solution for golf—a self-serving kiosk with no sales people, no nets, and no hassles. 

What does that mean for you? Imagine you’re out on the course and you need a new putter. Rather than go through the hassle of waiting to buy one online or borrow one from a friend, you can walk up to Cadi Kiosk, demo a new putter and purchase it right then and there. 


Cadi Was Born Through a Team of Experts and Visionaries

The idea behind Cadi is simple: create the best purchase experience for you, the golfer. Our team, Tyler Gottstein, Matt Ahrens, Andrew Kim, and Michael Johnson, are all lifelong friends that knew they had an incredible business idea in common—Cadi.

It all started back in 2016, when our CEO and Co-Founder Tyler Gottstein and his college basketball teammate, Michael Johnson realized that there was an evolution starting in the online shopping world. Shortly after Cadi’s launch, Matt and Andrew jumped on board to make Cadi a reality. 

People were making the switch from brick-and-mortar retail to online shopping, and for a good reason—it’s unbelievably convenient. The only issue? Not every product is best sold online. Specifically, sporting goods, where you need to try out gear to ensure the best fit and use for your game. Being athletes themselves, the Cadi guys knew that it’s better to test sports equipment with your own two hands before making a commitment to buy it. 

As avid golfers, our team decided to shift the online shopping paradigm to allow golfers to test new clubs without making a huge commitment. With huge potential in their endeavor, Tyler and the team started to make moves to realize their vision. 

The catalyst for Cadi’s growth was networking with Cadi’s Strategic and Technical Advisor, Carole McCluskey, and our Co-Founder David Felker on LinkedIn. With David’s thirty plus years in golf and engineering experience and Carole’s experience with scaling several successful entities including Coinstar and Redbox, the team was able to develop Cadi sustainably and find the engineers that would bring Cadi to life. 

From that point forward, Cadi was connected to some of the biggest names in golf such as TaylorMade, Callaway, Cleveland, Titleist, and Scotty Cameron.

Our team began to raise money from family and friends and we were even lucky enough to get several angel investors to back our idea. With the funds to build our first prototype, we quickly realized Cadi should be as readily available online as well as on the course. At that moment Cadi’s e-commerce platform was formed. Since its inception, Cadi has sold over $1,000,000 of golf products with the Cadi platform.


Cadi’s Mission is to Revolutionize Golf Retail

Our mission is to revolutionize the way golfers buy and sell golf products. 

Cadi Kiosks works as our distribution hub that supercharges the golf course. Our mobile app connects customers in real time to our e-commerce platform and our kiosk network. 

We believe we’ll continue to achieve our mission and goals by staying true to our six values: 

  1. Demo Day, Every Day – Our services give the freedom to demo products on the golf course without a salesman. 
  2. Latest and Greatest Products – Cadi has strong relationships with the best brands in golf. 
  3. Order Online, Pick-up at Kiosk – Full mobile connectivity allows you to order online and pick up in-store.
  4. Lightning Fast- Get a product personalized for you in less than 30 seconds. 
  5. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee – Cadi is the first golf company to offer a money-back guarantee.  
  6. 100% Authentic Products- Stop worrying about buying fake products online. All products are vetted for quality and authenticity. 


By staying course and always looking for ways to improve the Cadi experience, we believe we’ll hit our ultimate goal of becoming the leader in golf retail and having our kiosk system set up in 1,000 golf courses by 2025. Cadi will expand to other sporting industries and change the way products are trailed, purchased, and distributed forever. 


The Final Putt

At Cadi, we represent a fresh new way to look at the golf retail experience. We allow you to test out golf clubs produced by top brands in less than 30 seconds. On top of that, we provide the option to buy right then and there or online and shipped to your door. 

With us, the options are endless and there’s no need to second guess your purchase decision anymore. We were founded and created by a group of individuals with a passion for golf, and the idea of making golf retail simpler and more efficient for the customer. Our platform for golf is just the start of what we hope to be a revolution in the golfing world and sports retail industry. 


We hope you join our mission by following us on our social media platforms: Instagram @cadikiosk, Facebook @Cadikiosk, and LinkedIn @Cadi. Along with signing up for our newsletter and following our website for other blog posts and updates!


Happy golfing!





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